Fascinating beverages

I’m so fascinated by beverages but ever since I flew to my home town,my freedom has been gone out of the window.Mean while ,some how life that brought me on knees and chained me up with shitty responsibilities.Some times I want to flee away from everything and want to turn my back on those things but I always end up with a dumb silence.I feel like as if I’m imprisoned by four walls.I’m so sick of languishing in the sheer darkness.Years of stagnant, years of solitude left me with a cold_ stone heart.Now I am so perplexed whether to let it run its course or move the needle on it.But I’m sure that one day it will mend and It will rise from the scars with new perspectives.That day I will come out of the shadows to see people in the eye again and to clink our glaces again .


Naveen kancharla ,2019

Dark alley

She took a lame walk
through the dark alley
Carried a burden of shame and disgrace,
She took her ripped clothes off
Cleansed the blood stains on her skin
And that night she penned her day as;
A red rose in the myriad of feral beasts
Had been crumpled and stripped, petal by petal.

Those who had spilled that shame
Might have laughed at her wilt
Those who had burned her skin
Might have mocked at her sores
But what they don’t know is
She blooms like wild flower from the Debris and rises like a phoenix from the ashes


© Naveen kancharla ; 2019

The Sunset

Sunset above the horizon shows the beauty at every eventide.It will give you a special moment to scribble a poem in the former page of your Note book.The sunset through the feathery clouds burnishes the world with gold.It jolts every petrified soul on this ground and rejuvenates them to live for little things .It makes familiar silhouettes and tells us you are not alone here , This time it is coming out of the clouds to make your view beautiful. Now all you have to do is look up in the sky.


Naveen kancharla ,2019

That was a melancholic night

There was a fascinating tale of my story that I want to scribble it in the former page of my note book.let me depict it powerfully through my words.

That was a melancholic night
Empty roads were soaked in
Glistening street lights
There we were vanquished by the time
And accepted our fate bitterly
When he was leaving, a terrible
urge to cry came over me
But i pretended like
emotionless and bade him adieu then.
We had no forehead kisses
We had no emotional hugs
We had no teary glances
We ended up like if we had
Nothing to say each other
I hope he will find a new one
Who cares about his broken heart.
May be ,if some day we see
Each other on a crowded street
And reminisce unconfessed love
In the fleeting seconds our eyes meet.


Naveen kancharla ,2018

She has a poem

She has a poem in her heart
Let her sing it beautifully
While the meadow of fountain
Grass Waving in a breeze

She has a poem in her heart
Let her sing it beautifully
While the myriad of wild fowls
Chirping in their pendulous nests

She has a poem in her heart
Let her sing it beautifully
While the dewy dragonflies
Perching on wild grass flowers

She has a poem in her heart
Let her sing it beautifully
While an autumn leaf placing
Between the pages of a book

She has a poem in her heart
Let her sing it _let her sing it


Naveen kancharla ,2018

Self destruction

I never thought that I would end up like this
Some times vulnerability makes us do things we never thought we would
My debauched life had brought so many allegations and left the indelible stains on my naive soul ,I was so tired of bearing them ,I felt worthless and lifeless
I could not get far away from my flaws
Those were racking my scars up
And plunging me in the depth of misery
Finally those made me a victim of my own story
And Kept me on the verge of my self destruction.


Naveen kancharla ,2018


Depression is a perfect ornament for a bruised soul.but it costs a broken heart and a traumatic past .

Some times I wonder why that one holds a special place among all emotions. I thought and thought and thought _finally I came to a profound conclusion.

All stories don’t have happy endings some may end with tears and some may end with memories. but the memories were the only things who makes some one’s past beautiful and who makes some one’s past vulnerable.

When your past had a story to tell , memories to reminisce , anxiety to scream .Then it would turn out to be an eternal depression and that makes you beautiful.


© Naveen kancharla ,2018

A torn page

I have written my heart out with full of


The demons in my mind refused to

relent ,and screaming for reprieve ,they

gnawing me alive shred by shred .

How could I conquer my demons when

She was reviving them frequently.

They made me a night

wanderer that led me to tread down

through the darkest moments. They

concealed the whole darkness of the

universe and trying to engulf my soul

There are days where my soul feels

better in intoxication ,there are days

where my existence seems

arduous ,there are days where I want to

howl for hours.

Now I lost the serenity of the sea,

tolerance of the ground , strength of the

mountains ,solace of the rain ,I became a

slave to my demons. I know I will end up

with a great full remorse .

She painted the

sorrows to my every phrase and

splashed my barren words with her Cupid


She was a torn page in my book with full

of demons and my heart was a

feather pen with full of traumatic

memories. Let me scribble them one by


Let me get rid off this torment tonight ,let

me scrawl a new phrase by bidding an

adieu to this world .

© Copyright

@ Naveen kancharla , 2018

( Forgive me for grammatical errors )